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Written by Karen Idelson
Gino is a renowned stylist working throughout New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, and Philadelphia.  His vision and versatility make him a natural for everything from the most sophisticated, high-end assignments to signature advertising and catalog work. His skill can be seen in notable celebrity magazine portraits of Steve Martin, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sandra Bernhard and Jai Rodriguez. Gino’s keen ability to use fashion to communicate lifestyle won him corporate clients that include H&M, David Yurman, Nike, Microsoft, IBM, Levi's, Hasbro and Converse.

Before his days as a stylist, Gino earned a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from the University of Arizona. He went straight from the desert to the design floor and spent nearly a decade as a buyer, first for Sears Little Boys Bottoms (yes, that’s really what they called it) and then in Couture and later in Contemporary for legendary retailer Neiman Marcus. Buying for both mainstream and sophisticated tastes gives Gino the background to handle any styling challenge that comes his way. He has spent more than a decade developing his craft and is at ease in any styling venue – including runway, casting, still life, editorial, advertising campaigns, portraits, personal shopping, consulting and art direction.
Gino's talents as a stylist emerged long before his years as a buyer. Styling others to look their best for any situation came naturally to him. When he was just a six-year-old boy living in the tiny town of Gila Bend, Arizona he saved two people from a fashion faux pas for the first time. Two older family members nearly left his presence in non-complimentary outfits. With a little input from Gino, they were back on track and off to their destination looking fabulous, of course.
The identity of the lovely couple? Gino's Nonna & Nonno (grandmother and grandfather) His mother still says they were grateful for their grandson's fashion intervention.
Now, the skills that saved Gino's Nonna and Nonno from a dance floor clothing mismatch grace magazine pages throughout the country and delight and entertain the fashion industry.

"(Buckler) Show stylist GINO TAVERNARO, who could pass for a member of a rock band, has an impressive resume.....Mr. Tavernano is an excellent stylist, who has the knack of finding wonderful resources, which include Molly Jackson whose pieces are made of pulled Pyrex glass."

                                                                           - LYRA MAGAZINE

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